Frequently Asked Questions


Who do I call if my sewer backs up?

You would contact Aquatera Utilities @ 780-538-0348.

What do I do if I have a water leak outside my house?

You would contact Aquatera Utilities @ 780-538-0348.

If I have any issues with my telephone services, who do I call?

You would contact your telephone services provider.

If I have issues with my cable services, who do I call?

You would contact your cable service provider.

What is that round metal thing in my front yard or in the rear of the lot?

That is a water valve, which is used by Aquatera to control the flow of water to your house. This is an extremely important valve, for if there was an emergency, this would allow Aquatera to shut off your water to prevent major damage.

I saw that my water valve was damaged. What do I do?

Call the Prudential Office (780-538-0002), and inform us of the following: Your name, address, who did the damage (if you can get a name if it was someone with a company name), and the date. This will help us in following up on the repairs. Also, if there is water running out of the end of the water valve, contact Aquatera @ 780-538-0348.

Am I allowed to store or park vehicles/trailers in the easement or paved lane behind my house?

No. This is city property, and according to city by-law, you are not permitted to store any vehicles/trailers, etc. in this easement or on the lane.

Am I allowed to dump grass clippings, trees, or other debris in the easement?

No. This is a by-law infraction that could result in possible fining by city by-law enforcement officers.

The easement behind my house has not yet been landscaped. When can I expect this to be done?

The protocol for landscaping easements is to wait until the majority of homeowners have landscaped and put up a fence. Then, depending upon the availability of landscapers, we try to complete landscaping as quickly as possible in the summer months.

I live on an easement. What is the purpose for having an easement and what are the legal rights for the easement owner?

The easement is a Public Utility Lot which allows the city/utility company or unrestricted access to that piece of land for the purpose of repairing utilities.

Where can I find a copy of the restrictive covenants for my subdivision?

You can find a copy of the restrictive covenants on our website within the Community section. Just click on your neighbourhood and then click on your lot on the map.

Can I park my RV on my driveway in the front of my house?

Some areas have restrictive covenants that state whether you can or cannot park an RV in your driveway. Some of the areas do not have this in the restrictive covenant. Please check the restrictive covenants in your neighbourhood for further clarification.

I suspect that there are illegal activities such as drug-trafficking occurring at a house near my residence. Is there anything I can do to prevent or inform the authorities of these possibly illegal practices?

Yes. Call Crime Stoppers @ 1-800-222-8477

I need to know where my property lines are because I am building a fence, shed, or some other structure? Where can I find information related to this?

First thing to do is check the Real Property Report you received when you purchased your home. This gives you all the information you need to determine where your property lines are. If you do not have one, contact your lawyer or builder. Learn More.

I found a long metal pole in my backyard when I was digging or as I was preparing the land for landscaping. What is this pole and what do I do with it?

You must keep it. It is most likely a survey pin which marks the boundaries of your lot. If this rod is not in the ground, you will need to contact a legal survey company to come and (for a fee) put it back in the proper location. Learn More.