Frequently Asked Questions


Am I allowed to store or park vehicles/trailers in the easement or paved lane behind my house?

No. This is city property, and according to city by-law, you are not permitted to store any vehicles/trailers, etc. in this easement or on the lane.

Am I allowed to dump grass clippings, trees, or other debris in the easement?

No. This is a by-law infraction that could result in possible fining by city by-law enforcement officers.

The easement behind my house has not yet been landscaped. When can I expect this to be done?

The protocol for landscaping easements is to wait until the majority of homeowners have landscaped and put up a fence. Then, depending upon the availability of landscapers, we try to complete landscaping as quickly as possible in the summer months.

I live on an easement. What is the purpose for having an easement and what are the legal rights for the easement owner?

The easement is a Public Utility Lot which allows the city/utility company or unrestricted access to that piece of land for the purpose of repairing utilities.